Jellybean Houses and Jellybean Doors

abHouses of every hue and shade stack the hilly streets in Newfoundland’s capital of St. John’s.

Today these jellybean-colored row houses are iconic symbols of St. John’s downtown streets.   Just as striking are the contrasting doors of each home that welcome visitors with splashes of color.

The “tradition” began in the 1970s when a group of people began purchasing the deteriorating row houses, rehabilitating them and swathing them in brilliant colors.  As more and more of the row houses have been saved and restored over the years, the jellybean palette has become one that distinguishes this city of 100,000 people.

Some people say the hues are reminiscent of the town’s former life when fishing was king and people often painted their homes with the bright leftover paints they’d used to cover their boats.

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